From Australia to Vanuatu (in time for Cyclone Pam)


Full disclosure, writing has never been my strong point. Now overcoming the destruction of a category 5 cyclone and rebuilding lives, that now, is something I can do! Today marks 2 years since Cyclone Pam ripped through Vanuatu, taking lives and destroying homes.

I was back in Australia at the time, however my Husband Cameron was right in the middle of it and witnessed first hand the destruction and damage wind & water combined can cause. Needless to say our little resort, our place we had only just called home and our last hope as it was supposed to change our lives……well it did but not as expected!

Cameron and I only moved to Vanuatu 3 months earlier in search for a new life. Dad was already over there and the opportunity was too compelling and we had to¬† know ‘what was life like in Vanuatu’? As they say the grass is always greener on the other side, well it is, its lush and vast and beautiful! It didn’t take us too long to decide to make the move. There wasn’t enough in Australia to keep us going and we craved change, craved life!

We were dying, not in the physical sense but emotional, mentally and spiritually. We were getting ready for old age and we just weren’t ready. The first few months were glorious, it was as if all our dreams came true and we could finally be happy…..until the day of reckoning fell upon us.

March 16 2015 Vanuatu was hit by the largest cyclone the country and all 83 islands had ever seen. It was the monster of all monster cyclones and she wasn’t taking any prisoners! Cameron bunked down in a dilapidated house with 2 of our staff, Snowish the dog & Taka the cat for what was a very long night that can only be described as hell.

Agonising wait for Aussie woman whose husband was caught in killer cyclone that devastated Vanuatu, wiping out whole villages and leaving thousands homeless

Tahnia Cook has not heard from her husband since the storm hit. (9NEWS)Tahnia Cook has not heard from her husband since the storm hit. (9NEWS)http w=603

As the wind died down and the sun came up, the 3 sleep deprived boys that had experienced the worst night of their life and were shocked they were still alive, ventured outside prepared for the worst. The resort was unrecognizable, it looked like they were in a parallel universe and someone had played a bad prank. 100 year old trees were down, the beautiful lush breath taking landscape was no longer, just worn out timber stood vertical out of the ground naked, stripped bare of their leaves and any sign of life. Remains of bungalows were scattered over a 100m radius and there was grave fear for our local friends & family.

Article from Courier mail here







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